Mild Winter Saves Money for Rockford Taxpayers


This year’s mild winter gave the city of Rockford a break in this year’s budget.

“If you’re looking at it from a seasonal standpoint, we probably had about 20-25 percent fewer operations this year and less expense than the previous year,” said Mark Stockman, the superintendent of Rockford Public Works.

This past winter-between December and February-we got 12.4 inches of snow.

That’s in comparison to last winter’s 24.3 inches.

City officials saved the money budgeted for salt, labor, and contractors to deal with snow that never made an appearance.

The city also saved on expenditures such as overtime hours for workers, since there was less snow and ice to deal with.

This year, they only spent about 75% of what they spent the previous year.

“For the 2015-16 season we only spent about just under $700,000,” said Stockman. “The prior year we spent about $925,000.”

But although they were able to save money this year, that doesn’t mean that it will carry over into next year’s budget.

“The money that actually is not spent out of the budget goes back into the general fund and it is reallocated into other areas or other areas of need,” Stockman said.

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