Millennials at greater risk for falling for online scams, BBB says


The Better Business Bureau has released its top scams of 2018.

Fake retailer website scams took the top spot. The BBB has seen an uptick in those sites since 2017, it says. When a victim buys something on one of the sites, scammers can collect your financial information.

The target age group for scammers also may not be who you think: 

“Millennials happen to fall victim to scams that take place online,” said Dennis Horton, Director of the Rockford Better Business Bureau. “They’re the ones who are online most often. They’re the most connected consumers.”

Other scams on the BBB’s list include fake job offers, fake debt collections for student loans or taxes, and calls offering tech support.

New on the 2018 list: calls claiming that your utility bills will be shut off unless you pay.

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