FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — As her son’s 2021 murder remains unsolved, Robbie Capp is giving back to the people of Freeport to help make the streets safer.

Capp, who lives in Lena, Illinois, raised nearly $1,800 on social media to purchase 41 two-way, wireless security cameras she’s already started to distribute to local residents.

“The homeowners will install and monitor them,” Capp said. “If (they see) any suspicious activity, the homeowner contacts the police.”

Capp said had there been more surveillance cameras in the area when her son and his friend were fatally shot on Nov. 18, 2021, near South Galena Avenue and West Pleasant Street, an arrest may have already been made.

“The individuals would have been caught in the act while doing the crime,” Capp said.

A year later, however, the killings of 32-year-old Justin Capp and 36-year-old Terrance Haynes remain unsolved. Capp and Haynes were shot as they were leaving a local gymnasium where they were playing in a recreational basketball game.

Justin’s mother says her goal is for there to be at least one camera on every Freeport street.

“I will be doing this yearly until this goal is met,” Capp said.

Capp said security cameras are becoming more common in Freeport but that there are fewer of them in underserved neighborhoods.

She encourages residents to purchase their own before next year’s fundraiser. She said the units she bought were originally listed on Amazon for $90, although she was able to get them for $41.

“They (may be) even cheaper now with Cyber Monday,” she said.

Capp has delivered cameras on South Float Avenue and West American, West Iroquois, West Pleasant, and East Illinois streets. The Freeport Police Department will help distribute the rest. She says she hopes the cameras will give residents a sense of security, knowing there are extra eyes on the streets.

Anyone with information about the shooting deaths of Justin Capp and Terrance Haynes is urged to call the Freeport Police Department 815-235-8222 or Stateline Area Crime Stoppers at 866-TIPSNOW.