Mother’s worst nightmare: son attacked and grabbed while walking home from school

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A Rock Island mother is staying vigilant for her son.

Joy McDonald told WHBF, it’s after several men tried to grab the young teen while walking home from school.

She said it happened Thursday afternoon near 38th Street and 16th Avenue.

That’s where she said a truck pulled up next to her son D.J. and three men got out grabbing, going through his stuff and taking his shoes before he got away.

Her son hasn’t been walking on those sidewalks since. The family is now driving him to and home from school to avoid a repeat of this nerve-wracking situation.

McDonald says it has shaken up D.J.

D.J. said the attack has made him worry about even walking outside his house at night. 

She said that he took one of the back streets and that where the men attacked him

In addition to grabbing him, she said the men also made verbal threats.

“Every parent’s worst nightmare, cause like we don’t know the intentions. There were threats made to him, so we’re a little nervous about that,” said Joy McDonald.

She tells me parents should talk with their kids about sticking to the main roads and have a plan, something McDonald says they wish they had before this happened.

McDonald said, “It makes me very nervous. It makes me kind of want to move honestly, just because I want my children to be safe and honestly we’ve never had a problem living here in Rock Island but that be something we consider.”

A police report has been filed, and McDonald  also took to Facebook to help warn parents.

If anyone has information, McDonald is asking that they contact Rock Island Police.

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