Motorcycle Safety Parade reminds drivers to be on the lookout


It’s springtime and the nicer weather means the roads will be much more crowded. People behind the wheel will have to share the road with motorcycles.

To remind drivers to look out and make sure bikers, who hit the road, return safely, local motorcyclists held a safety parade.

“It’s only for a few months just cut us some slack and give us a little room,” said Kurt Huscn, Kishwaukee Valley ABATE of IL. 

Bikers took to the streets Saturday morning to remind motorists they are sharing the roads once again.

“May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and this is just our annual parade to let the public know that we’re out here and let them get used to seeing us,” Huscn said. 

Mayors and village presidents across Winnebago County signed a proclamation officially dedicating the month of May to bringing awareness to more motorcycles being out.

Illinois Senator Dave Syverson says this move is good because it recognizes and protects the entire biking community.

“By passing a resolution, it just gets the public to understand that this is now biking season, and we have a lot of bikers that are out there, not just motorcycles, but also just two wheel regular bikes,” Syverson said. 

As a fellow biker himself, Syverson says drivers should take an extra precaution when riding next to a motorcycle because they are smaller and can be hard to detect in a car.

sen. dave syverson, IL senator 35th district 
“Every year, it’s just a good reminder that they are cyclists out there and you need to look when you’re changing lanes or going through intersections,” Syverson said. “Just be more aware of your surroundings.”

This parade serves as a reminder to not only look out for bikers, but to make sure motorcycle crashes don’t happen in the Stateline.

“It’s urgent because we have a lot of people that are bikers and every year, there’s always a number of cases where bikers are hit or someone swerve in front of the bikers because they didn’t see them,” Syverson said. 

“Don’t crowd us, give us our space,” Huscn said. “That’s about all we can ask.”

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