Moving Day for District Two Rockford Police Department


Rockford’s Broadway area just got a big boost in law enforcement, it’s own police station.
Police formally made the move into their new district two headquarters at the old Turner School today.
It’s something that neighbors say they’re excited about.

“I think it’s very good improvement for our community, especially this area on Broadway and 10th Street,” said Rockford Resident Jorge Anchondo. “I think crime should go down because of it. The whole neighborhood is excited about it and so am I.”

Anchondo has lived in Rockford for roughly seventeen years. He says that the crime is all too common but something that Police Chief Dan O’Shea says, will soon be brought down.

“It’s no secret, you look everyday and there’s more shootings, more robberies in this area, the general area,” said O’Shea. Having the police here, it deters crime having police present.”

“During several nights we hear gunshots but we never come out or anything. I think it’s better for everyone to have the police station there,” said Anchondo.

The Broadway area is a known hot spot for prostitution, violent crime and most recently LINK card fraud.
Eyewitness News used crime map to see just how bad the crime is in this area.
In the last month alone more than 100 reported crimes; ranging from assaults, drug violations and robberies.
It’s why Tom Reed, who’s lived in this area for years, says he doesn’t think the department’s geo-policing strategy will work.

“There’s people out here that, people just got it in them and that’s what they’re going to do,” said Reed.

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