Mummified monkey found in former Macy’s building

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A construction worker tearing apart the former Macy’s department store in downtown Minneapolis made a strange discovery: a mummified monkey, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

The building originally held a Dayton’s department store and became a Macy’s in 2006.

“We continue to find pieces of history in the Dayton’s Project as we redevelop the building,” Cailin Rogers, a spokesperson for the Dayton’s Project development team, told the Star Tribune. “Unfortunately, this was one of the recent historic discoveries.”

A Facebook page called “Old Minneapolis” posted a picture of the monkey that was found in the 116-year-old building.

Since the post, people have been trying to figure out the origins of the monkey.

The mayor of the neighboring city of Robbinsdale, Regan Murphy, said his father stole a monkey from the store in the 1960s.

“He and his buddy, Tom, skipped school and took a bus downtown, and saw the monkey in a cage or some kind of display,” Murphy said.

According to the Star Tribune, the two used a jacket to conceal the monkey and took it home. The monkey trashed parts of the home.

“Monkeys are not house broken,” Monica Murphy, Regan Murphy’s mother, told WCCO-TV. “The monkey was discovered by Tom’s mom, and she said, ‘Absolutely not, can’t have it, can’t keep it.'”

The two then brought the monkey back to Dayton’s and released it, not knowing what happened to it, WCCO reported.

The store did have a pet shop on the fifth floor that was described in a newspaper ad as being “a menagerie of delightful pets from all over the world!”

Macy’s closed the store in March 2017. The building is being redeveloped in a $200 million project that includes office, retail and a food hall.

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