(WTVO) — Twitter owner Elon Musk said this week that his number one priority after taking over the company is addressing the issue of child exploitation on the platform.

On Sunday, a Twitter user commented that “Elon Musk has begun addressing the issue of posting child sexual exploitation content on Twitter after years of the platform’s inactivity on the subject under past management.”

Musk responded: “Priority #1.”

Human trafficking survivor and victim advocate Eliza Bleu told Teslarati that Twitter’s new leadership was “taking child exploitation seriously” after putting pressure on the company for years to remove the content of minors who were sexually exploited.

According to a lawsuit filed in California, two plaintiffs claim videos of their exploitation were posted to Twitter and they begged the company to remove the content, but Twitter refused.

The plaintiffs claim the content had over 167,000 views and 2,223 retweets.

Bleu said Twitter has made changes to its reporting system, first for easy reporting and secondly, for children reporting their own abuse.

Under Musk, Twitter has also removed hashtags that have been used to sell child sexual exploitation material.

Bleu added there was more work to be done, but the company had not done anything meaningful to combat the problem until Musk took over.

Approximately two-thirds of Twitter’s workforce has quit or been fired since Musk bought the company.