Auburn Street was blocked for more than an hour late Friday morning after a mysterious fire erupted in a storage facility next to the street.

The call came in from Auburn Street Storage and Rental just before 11am for a report of a vehicle on fire.  Fire crews from area volunteer fire departments arrived to find the vehicle blaze had spread to two boats parked on each side of it.  They were able to quickly extinguish the blaze even though they say getting water to the scene was a challenge.

The ferrying of water to the scene forced police to block of Auburn Street across from Auburn High School in both directions.

The SUV was destroyed and two boats suffered fire damage, but two RV’s parked adjacent to the blaze were not damaged.

The manager of the storage facility told firefighters no one had been in the area of the blaze for some time, and so the Illinois Fire Marshal’s office has been called into investigate the cause.

A firefighter was taken from the scene by ambulance for treatment of a minor injury.