Former Patriots star Tedy Bruschi suffers stroke, recovering

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(WPRI) — Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi is recovering after having a stroke Thursday.

In a statement, his family said the Super Bowl champion is “recovering well, and would like to thank the nurses, doctors, and staff at Sturdy Memorial Hospital for all they have done.”

The statement said Bruschi recognized the warning signs – including arm weakness, face drooping, and speech difficulties – and got help immediately.

In 2005 – just weeks after winning his third Super Bowl with the Patriots – Bruschi suffered his first stroke at the age of 31.

After recovering, Bruschi and his wife, Heidi, founded Tedy’s Team – which is a non-profit aimed at raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of stroke.

BE FAST is an acronym to help you quickly recognize the common signs of stroke. If any of these are present, call 911 immediately.


Balance difficulties

  • Does the person have problems standing or moving? Are they dizzy?


Eyesight Changes

  • Does the person have loss of vision in one or both eyes? Maybe a portion of one eye?


Face Drooping

  • Does one side of the person’s face droop or is it numb? Have the person smile. Is it uneven or lopsided?


Arm Weakness

  • Is one arm weak or numb? Have the person raise their arms.


Speech Difficulties

  • Is the person having trouble speaking or is hard to understand? Is the person able to correctly repeat what you are saying?


Time to Call 911

  • If the person shows some or even one of these symptoms – even if symptoms pass – it’s time to call 911 and tell them you think the person is having a stroke. Each second that goes by without medical help can result in brain loss.

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