DENVER (KDVR) — UFC fighter Jordan Williams was not having it when a man tried to steal his car during a quick stop at a Denver gas station.

After nearly 12 years training, Williams knows how to defend himself — and his car.

“I train every day. It’s my lifestyle. Being in shape is part of my job,” Williams said.

Williams shared video of what happened on Instagram. In the clip, he can be seen walking inside a convenience store. That’s when another man gets into his 2020 Honda Civic and closes the door — and when Williams’ mixed martial arts training kicked in.

“So I run up. The guy, backing away, looking at me like, ‘This is happening. Got your car.’ Like no remorse at all. What I’ll remember always is the look on his face when he was looking at me through the window like, ‘I’m taking this,’” Williams said.

Williams runs out of the store and the other man tries to reverse and drive away. But he’s not quick enough, and Williams is able to open the door and pull him out while hitting him several times.

“I punched the guy a couple of times. At that point he was saying he’s sorry, just repeatedly,” he said.

As Williams indicated on Instagram, he left his car running because he initially believed the vehicle would not be able to drive without a nearby key fob, which Williams had carried into the store. Williams later learned this wasn’t the case when the engine is already running.

“Actually, you can drive without the key fob,” Williams said. “The only reason he wasn’t able to go was because he didn’t know how to work the parking brake. So, I was literally seconds away from losing my car and now I know.”

The would-be thief took off running, and Williams says he has only one regret.

“I wish I was able to apprehend him, not to do more damage, just to control the scene, make sure he’s not out there doing the same thing. He’s probably out there having another chance to do that today,” the fighter said.

Williams also had a message for other drivers: Lock your car and never leave it running.