DAVENPORT, Iowa (WTVO) — Rescue workers are still trying to figure out if anyone is still missing from a collapsed building in the Quad Cities.

The back of a six-story building gave way around 5 p.m. in Davenport, Iowa, on Sunday. The complex houses businesses on the ground level and apartments above.

Some tenants got out on their own, but firefighters had to rescue seven others, including one person who was hospitalized.

“Absolutely no notice, it just came down, like an explosion, like a bomb,” one tenant said. “The ceiling was coming down, the water started coming down. I was trapped on the 5th floor, I couldn’t get out, so they had to have the ladder bring me out in the bucket.”

“I was fixing something to eat. I heard a big bang and power went off, and I didn’t know what happened,” another added. “I looked out in the hall. It was full of smoke. So, all had was my keys and my cell phone, but I got out.”

A contractor was reportedly putting up a support beam when the building came down. City officials said that there have been several complaints from residents about needed repairs.