WEST ROCKHILL, Penn. (WTVO) — Police say they found “deplorable” living conditions after bringing two children back to their Sellersville, Pennsylvania home, according to WPVI.

Shane Robertson, 47, Crystal Robertson, 47, are charged with seven counts of endangering the welfare of children. The two are alleged to have withheld food, education and medical care from their seven children, ranging in age from 4 to 16.

Investigations into the Robertson’s began when a neighbor reported children entering an abandoned trailer near their home, said the Pennridge Regional Police Department.

Police arrived at the scene and found a 12-year old girl, who said she was searching for a blanket to keep her rats warm because her family did not have much money left.

The girl’s 14-year old sister appeared soon after, both children were dirty and not properly dressed, according to police.

When the children were taken home, police found the trailer in disrepair. Multiple animals, including dogs, snakes and “some two dozen” rats were found living in the Robertson residence. Feces were found in several places throughout the trailer.

Crystal Robertson allegedly told police her children were “stealing” food, and locked their refrigerator with a padlock.

Robertson reportedly referred to her children as “garbage disposals with legs.”

Police later returned with an investigator from Bucks County Children and Youth and four more children were found hidden in a rear bedroom.

A medical evaluation of the children found most of them were malnourished, police said. Two of the children had hair so matted it had to be removed.

One of those children was found to have maggots in her hair.

The children lacked basic knowledge, according to police. None of the seven children had attended school. Several of them didn’t know their birthday.

The children also exhibited social anxiety. They allegedly told officials they didn’t like to be in public or around other people.

The Robertsons are free after posting 10% of $100,000 bail.