EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WTVO) — Three people were arrested after a six-month-old baby was found suffering more than 50 rat bites, and nearly missing his fingers.

Evansville Police were called to a home in the 1600 block of S. Linwood Avenue on September 13th, according to WFIE.

Police said David Schonabaum reported finding his son in his bassinet, covered in blood. The child was flown to a hospital in Indianapolis where doctors said he had bites on his forehead, cheek, nose, thigh, foot, and toes.

Doctors also said all of the fingers on the child’s right hand had parts missing, and bones were exposed.

Police said there were multiple children living in the home, which was occupied by Schonabaum and his wife Angel, and her sister Deliana Thurman.

Authorities said the home was full of trash and rate feces. Shonabaum told officers that the house had a rodent problem and they had contracted the exterminator company, Terminix, to treat the house.

According to a criminal affidavit, two of the children told a school teacher on September 1st that their toes had been bitten by mice while they slept. DCFS workers visited the home on September 5th, at which point Thurman allegedly told investigators that marks on the children were probably just scratches from the bed frame.

DCFS had been called to the home before, in 2022, for a claim that a child had been hurt due to a lack of supervision. A child made a claim of physical abuse by Schonabaum in June.

David and Angel Schonabaum and Thurman are all facing charges of criminal neglect.