(WTVO) — Sunday was “Mother’s Day,” a time to celebrate moms and what they do.

The day might be triggering for some, however, especially to those who no longer have their mother in life or did not have a maternal figure.

The holiday can be a reminder of emotional distress and painful memories.

One psychologist shared how to approach the day.

“It’s really about women and celebrating women,” said Shilagh Mirgain, a psychologist at UW Health. “And women, whether you have a child or not, whether you have a mother or not present on the planet, there still is this sense of mothering that celebrating women, regardless of their status, who bring unconditional love and support and beauty and joy into the world, and I think at the core, that’s what Mother’s Day really is about.”

Other coping strategies include self-care, journaling and talking to a friend.