Body of a newborn baby abandoned in field


KENOSHA, Wis. (CNN) — A couple is in custody for allegedly abandoning the body of a 2-month-old baby in a field in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kenosha Police are confirming the death of 2-month-old Jalisa Adams-Frison, after their investigation determined her body was abandoned in a field near 50th Street and 52nd Avenue.

An unidentified man stated “one day they left with the baby. Came back with no baby.”

This man and his family helping to end the mystery of the missing girl.

The suspects have not been charged, but Kenosha Police are identifying them as 36-year-old Hezile Frison and 21-year-old Monica Adams.

“We were trying to be nice and give somebody a place of shelter who was homeless,” the man said.

They last saw the baby in late July.

“To our knowledge, the baby was with other family members, so we didn’t question it. But as time went on, then we began to grow suspicious,” he said.

The details weren’t adding up.

“We told them to get in the car so they could take us to where this baby was, but then they were beating around the bush,” he said.

Instead they drove to the Kenosha Police Department Wednesday and the suspects took off.

“That’s when we knew that something wasn’t right about the whole situation, and what they said was not the truth,” he said.

Police were quickly able to track them down and make the arrests.

They are currently awaiting charges for hiding a corpse and harboring or aiding felons.

“I don’t know what the situation was or what happened, but even if it was an accident, how can you just throw the child out?” the man stated.

This man does not believe the death occurred at his home.

Still “home” will never feel the same.

“I just feel sad for the child and the whole situation. It’s just a sad story,” he said.

The investigation is ongoing, and it is still not known exactly how this baby died.

Frison has an extensive criminal history including convictions for violent offenses.


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