Police released bodycam footage showing officers dragging former NFL star Marshawn Lynch out of a vehicle before arresting him on suspicion of driving under the influence on Tuesday, August 9.

Footage from multiple body-worn cameras show Lynch being asked to step out of the vehicle several times.

Officers can then be seen dragging Lynch out of the car, pinning him to the ground and arresting the former Seattle Seahawks player.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said on Tuesday officers conducted a vehicle stop at Fairfield Avenue and West Utah Avenue for suspected driver impairment.

“Through the course of the investigation, officers determined that Lynch was impaired and conducted an arrest. Lynch was transported to the Las Vegas City Jail and booked for driving under the influence,” they said.

Lynch’s attorneys said Lynch’s car “was safely parked and not in operation” when police arrived, according to ESPN.

“Marshawn was not pulled over for a DUI,” their statement said. “We are confident that when all evidence is presented, this will not be a DUI under Nevada law.”

Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Storyful