Boy with muscular distrophy becomes a deputy for a day


BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. (CNN) — An eight-year-old with muscular dystrophy had his dreams come true this week when he was sworn in as an honorary deputy.

8-year-old Zach Knight – got to live his dream as an honorary member of the a broward sheriff’s department.

Zach was officially sworn in Wednesday.

Zach has muscular dystrophy and his dream…is to be a cop.

That dream becoming a reality…thanks in large part to his school resource officer.

Deputy Edgardo Ariza said, “He’s always wanted to be a police officer. Told his friends he’s a cop. And that he would basically be immobile in several years. So, I made a couple calls and I connected with a SWAT member and we got the ball rolling.”

Things started off with a ride in the SWAT Bearcat, and Zach got a chance to tinker with some gadgets.

Then it was off to the hanger, where Zack got to sit in the BSO chopper until the helicopter got called out – then – it was K9 time.

The experience lasted a few hours, but the memories made will last much longer for Zach and all those who got to share in his joy.

“You know when he came in the building all our staff was excited to see him…where we can back out of the seriousness of the job and enjoy this part of it,” said Sheriff Gregory Tony.

Steven Knight, Zach’s dad, said, “I think right now he’s in shock and awe right now being able to see all of the cool stuff and just get the experience and everything like this. I think he’s gonna be talking about it for the next couple months.”

Zach’s dad says he’s been talking about becoming an officer for the last two years.


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