Newly released surveillance video shows a home intruder watching his victims sleep in San Bernardino, California, during a robbery attempt in February.

Wyze home surveillance footage shared by the San Bernardino Police Department shows the male suspect standing feet away from a couple as they slept early on the morning of February 22.

The “brazen” suspect was later identified and arrested, police said, though his identity was being withheld by the department “because he is suspected of committing additional crimes which are currently under investigation.”’

According to local reports, police said the man broke into the home by removing a window air-conditioning unit and entering a room usually occupied by the couple’s three-year-old child, who requires 24/7 nursing assistance. The child, who was sick, was sleeping in the living room at the time of the intrusion, local media reported.

The suspect left the apartment through the front door, but turned around and came back. When he tried to come back inside, the nurse woke up and confronted him at the door, ABC7 Los Angeles reported.

The resident told local media, “That’s when the nurse noticed him and said, ‘What are you doing?’ And he said, ‘Lock your door, it’s not safe.’ And she’s like, ‘Oh, okay.’”

When they watched the surveillance video in the morning, they realized the suspect had already been inside the apartment, local media reported.

San Bernardino Police Department via Storyful