A dad carrying a baby fought off a gunman at a gas station in Detroit, Michigan, on Father’s Day, June 19, local media reported. The gunman has since been taken into custody, according to the Detroit Police Department.

The Detroit Police Department’s 2nd Precinct released video footage showing a man walking into a gas station, pulling a gun out of his shorts, and aiming it at a man holding a baby. The man defends himself with his hand, pushes the gunman away, and moves to another part of the store. The gunman then leaves the gas station with the gun, which had malfunctioned, WDIV reported.

Local reports, citing police, said that the two men got into an argument a few blocks away, causing the gunman to follow the man and his 7-month-old baby to the gas station.

The Detroit Police Department’s 2nd Precinct thanked the local community for providing information about the suspect in a post on Twitter.

Credit: Detroit Police via Storyful