BISMARK, N.D. (WTVO) — A disgruntled patron pulled a gun on another customer at a McDonald’s after being told to “get a job” when he asked the man to buy him a Big Mac and a Happy Meal.

According to the Bismark Police Department, on September 30th, the victim was on break from work and was headed to McDonald’s, at 1535 Burnt Boat Drive, to get lunch.

The victim told police that as he approached the store, George Demarrias, 33, told him to “buy him a Big Mac and a Happy Meal.” The victim allegedly told Demarrias to “get a job” and then went inside the restaurant.

As he stood in line “surrounded by innocent bystanders, some of which were children,” Demarrias reportedly followed him into the store and pulled out a 9mm handgun that had been concealed in his daughter’s stroller.

Demarrias then pointed the gun at the victim, telling him he had been “disrespectful,” and proceeded to call him a “son of a b***h and tells him to f**k off,” the probable cause statement says, before putting the gun in his waistband and leaving the restaurant.

Officers arriving on the scene pointed their guns at Demarrias and demanded he surrender, which he did.

Police also said that Demarrias’ companion, Elouise Flyingby, 27, provided a false name to officers when questioned.

Demarrius was charged with Terrorizing with a Dangerous Weapon and booked into the Burleigh County Jail.