(WTVO) — A new study showed that a visit to the doctor might be able to keep children safe on social media.

Researchers found that doctors having a five-minute conversation with their youth patients about social media safety resulted in more kids having follow up conversations with their parents. That led to kids checking or changing their privacy settings.

The study also found that most pediatricians were not learning how to talk to patients about social media.

“I think a key take home for this study in general is that we weren’t expecting pediatricians to come in spend hours trying to educate youth on every aspect of social media safety,” said Dr. Megan Moreno, adolescent health expert at UW Health Kids. “But what we found, if even that brief conversation was enough to start the conversation and keep that communication going with the patient’s parents, which is really where we hope that conversation would keep going into the future.”

The nationwide study involved about 10,000 patients and their pediatricians.