(WTVO) — An infamous bounty hunter is considering applying his unique set of a skills to the search for convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante.

Duane Chapman, 70, known by his alias ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ could travel to Chester County, Pennsylvania as soon as this week to join the search, TMZ reports.

Cavalcante, 34, escaped from Chester County Prison, about 30 miles west of Philadelphia, on August 31. He has eluded a manhunt totaling over 500 officers since his escape and is reportedly armed with a stolen .22 caliber rifle.

The search has garnered nationwide attention and may have lured one of America’s most notorious bounty hunters to the scene.

Chapman gained international notice as a bounty hunter in 2003, when he captured fugitive criminal and cosmetics heir Andrew Luster. He later starred in a cable television show documenting his experiences as a bounty hunter and most recently searched for murderer Brian Laundrie in 2021.

However, Chapman has also received public scrutiny for multiple instances of alleged racism, including use of slurs. His latest television show was canceled after allegations of homophobic and racist remarks made by Chapman surfaced.

The bounty hunter is “likely to head out and start looking” for Cavalcante once a proper plan is in place, sources reportedly told TMZ.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Cavalcante was last spotted in South Coventry Township, Pennsylvania, approximately 25 miles north of Chester County Jail.