Father of boy killed at trick-or-treat event says his son will save seven kids


(CNN) — Seven lives saved, all because of one life taken too soon.

11-year-old Noah Chambers was hit by a car Friday, and by Sunday, he was gone.

When it came to whether or not he’d be an organ donor, his dad Robert Chambers, says there was no question.

“Just cherish the time that they had, because you never know, you never know when it’s their time and just love and be there as much as possible,” Chambers said.

On Friday, Noah went from trunk-or-treating at a church to being on life-support in the hospital.

While crossing the street, the 6th grader was hit by an SUV.

“Anybody would tell you that, that Noah’s personality was just amazing, he’d make you laugh, he’d make you just cry because how could a boy be beautiful inside and out,” Chambers said. “And those are things that are going to carry on with my other kids. I see Noah’s shine, I see his spirit shine through my other kids.”

On Sunday, doctor’s determined there was no brain activity.

“When they were talking about the donor, being a donor, me and his mother didn’t hesitate,” Chambers said. “We didn’t hesitate because I would not want any parent to have to go through this. It is the worst pain. You think you’ve been hurt but this is the worst pain a human can feel.”

Through Noah’s tragic death, his father says his son is able to help save seven other children.

“Everything happens for a reason and I feel like he was meant to go and meant to save other lives,” Chambers said

Chambers says Noah will receive a plaque at the hospital for being a donor and the family will get to meet the children Noah helps.

“Do you plan on doing that?” the reporter asked.

“Oh yes. Of course. Just to know that I can look at them and tell them that I love them, and that, you know, they might not know, me but there was a child that loved them unconditionally,” Chambers said.

Chambers says this wasn’t the drivers fault, that mistakes happen, and he forgives him.

He says it was just God’s plan.

Police say the driver hasn’t been charged with anything, since he wasn’t speeding or impaired.


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