Former Fresno Unified School District elementary school principal Brian Vollhardt was seen shoving an upset student on Tuesday, June 7, in Fresno, California, according to school district officials.

Footage released by Fresno Unified School District (FUSD), which they said was captured on June 7 at Wolters Elementary School, shows the student speaking to Vollhardt during breakfast before he roughly shoved the student to the ground.

“The student involved is physically okay and has been provided emotional supports as needed since this incident was reported,” FUSD said.

FUSD said it placed Vollhardt on administrative leave and initiated an investigation, during which Vollhardt resigned.

According to local news reports, Vollhardt then took a job as vice principal of Tranquillity High School in Golden Plains Unified School District (GPUSD). GPUSD released a statement on their website saying it was made aware of the incident on September 7 and placed Vollhardt on administrative leave as of September 8.

In a FUSD press conference on Thursday, Fresno Police Chief Balderrama said that the video shows an “assault” and that the district attorney accepted a charge of “willful cruelty to a minor.”

Credit: Fresno Unified School District via Storyful