Girls ask authorities to remove ‘men working’ signs in their Indiana neighborhood


CARMEL, Ind. (WTVO) — Two sisters, 11 and 9, are bringing their concerns to their city council after they spotted “men working” signs in their neighborhood.

11-year-old Blair and her sister Brienne were invited to the Carmel City Council meeting by council president Sue Finkam after they sent letters complaining about the signs.

“Why is the sign here? Why does it say ‘men working,’ when we’ve seen plenty of women doing construction,” they asked, according to WZZM.

The girls and their mother, Leslie, were able to voice their concerns directly to the city council on Monday.

Leslie said she did some research and discovered that the federal government, states and cities stopped using the signs decades ago in favor of gender-neutral signs featuring a shovel or a flag.

“Women can do anything, and it’s not right to have it just say ‘men’,” Brienne told the council. “When little girls see them, they might think, ‘oh, I can’t be a construction worker, but I want to,’ and seeing a little girl feel like that makes me sad.”

“Thanks for bringing to our attention these signs that are still out there. We’ll work with our subcontractors to make sure we do the best we can to not have them here,” Finkam told the girls. 

The girls appeared at the city council meeting and were able to present their case to police officers, firefighters and road crews, some of which are female.

“We got to come here and see all these girls doing different jobs and being leaders,” Blair said.

Finkham introduced a resolution to enforce the gender neutral signage on the city’s construction projects, which passed unanimously.

“’Men Working” or ‘Men At Work’ signage communicates the false and unacceptable message that women cannot or should not work in the construction trades or other related fields,” the resolution reads.

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