Governor Pritzker attends infrastructure bill signing


WASHINGTON D.C. (WTVO) — President Joe Biden signed his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law.

Governor J.B. Pritzker was there to represent Illinois during the signing. The package will begin to fund infrastructure projects across the country, and Illinois will see about $17 billion from the bill.

That money is expected to go towards things like fixing roads, bridges, electrical grids and public transportation systems. The biggest chunk, nearly $10 billion, will go directly to highway projects. Nearly $150 million will help build up the state’s network of electric vehicle charging stations, and $4 billion will be spent on public transportation.

Governor Pritzker called it work that is already underway.

“We’ve been hard at work fixing our roads and our waterways and our airports. Now, this is going to accelerate things, and allow us to do more. It’s going to put a a lot of people to work, so I would say, in Illinois, we’re already seeing the transformation,” Pritzker said. “Amtrak and high speed rail, Quad Cities, Rockford, not to mention Chicago to St. Louis, these are all things we’re focusing on. We want to speed up our rail. We want very fast service for people to be able to get from Chicago to St. Louis. So, that’s something we’ve already started thinking about working on. Now, we have real dollars to put to work right away.”

Congress is still working to pass the President’s bigger “Build Back Better” bill. It would include even more funding for Illinois projects.

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