CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WTVO) — A University of Illinois institution is stepping up to help the Illini student section after its Iowa game ticket fiasco.

The University of Iowa invalidated 200 tickets this week, because it said that the tickets were bought in the name of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Illinois.

So, Kams Bar is donating $6,000 to the “Orange Krush.” That will help it recoup non-refundable travel costs associated with the canceled trip.

The group said on Friday that it plans to continue the annual trip in a way that “stays true to the spirit of fun competition Illinois fans expect.”

“It definitely brings the team energy and it brings our students’ energy. We’re creating the culture of Illinois that freshmen are choosing, and perspective students are choosing to come to Illinois for the culture and we’re creating that culture by bringing the energy and being loud,” said student Caitlin Niesman. “If you’ve ever been in State Farm Center when it’s through the roof loud, it’s so worth it.”

The bar owners said that they will have a watch party this weekend so students can watch Illinois and Iowa face off.