Illinois mother discovers doctor, who committed suicide, wasn’t vaccinating kids


EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. (CNN) — A now-deceased pediatrician in metro Chicago spent about 30 years telling parents he was vaccinating their kids.

But, new evidence shows he wasn’t.

That could leave patients who are now adults vulnerable to deadly diseases.

Linda said of Dr. Van Koinis, “He just didn’t think there was enough proof that the flu shots were worth it.”

But Linda liked Dr. Koinis — he was quirky and loving — never raised a red flag.

Her son liked him too.

“He had a cold all the time. We were at the doctor’s quite a bit,” she said.

But last August, cops went looking “for the doc” who had gone missing.

On September 10th, he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Cook County Sheriff’s investigators waited five months, until February 11th, 2020, to share that the doctor had left “a suicide note that raised questions about the record keeping of vaccinations at his medical practice” and evidence he “did not provide vaccinations to children at their parent’s request.”

Linda’s son received 20 vaccinations between October 2014 and January 2016, for chickenpox, mumps, polio the works.

Last week Linda tested her son to see if there’s evidence in his system of those shots.

There wasn’t any.

Now others who came to Dr. Koinis’ now locked-up office may be mad or may be sick because of him, 28 years of patients who may rightly wonder: what did he inject them with?

“He was a great guy, but don’t love him more than you love your kids. Get them tested,” Linda said.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office says it waited to tell people about the fake vaccinations, because it wanted to investigate first.

That investigation remains open.

Koinis probably would have been charged with fraud, child endangerment, and medical malpractice if he were alive.


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