ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — People who have a get together at their place might know that having enough parking can be an issue, but can they park in front of mailbox without reprecussions?

While parking in front of a mailbox is not illegal, it can lead to problems with residents getting their mail, according to The U.S. Sun.

If 30 feet of distance is not left around the mailbox, USPS will not access the mailbox and deliver the mail. Trucks must have enough room to pull in and out without any obstruction.

These laws can change by state, according to The Sun, but the general basis of parking remains the same.

Postal regulations do say that carriers must “dismount to deliver to a box that is temporarily blocked,” according to the National Association of Letter Carriers. However, they said that some post offices have policies about skipping delivery if a mailbox is block by a car.

While they must leave their vehicle to delivery mail to the box, carriers reserve the right to not deliver mail if the problem persists. However, this can only happen if “the customer fails to remove the obstruction after being properly notified and only if the postmaster has the approval of the district manager.”