Kids’ lemonade stand robbed, phone and money stolen


TUSLA, Ok. (Fox News) — Alex, Ian, Isaiah, Tyrelle, Cedric and Auggie are all between the ages of nine and 13.

They’ve been working hard daily to sell lemonade and Oreos at 36th Street North and Garrison, trying to raise enough money to transform Alex’s garage into a hang out spot.

Tyrelle says, “Well we call it our man cave and it’s our hide out.”

As they were braving the heat Tuesday afternoon, a man stole more than $100 and a cell phone from them.

He’s described as being bald with a black beard, driving a brown Chevy SUV.

Isaiah says, “People were being nice until this guy came.”

“My son, I try teaching him how to get out and make money on his own, not try to panhandle or steal or rob anybody.  And this is what happens.  And so I’m very upset,” said parent Destiny Johnson.

While defeated at first, the boys soon had their spirits lifted.

A kind stranger purchased some new lemonade and Oreos for the boys and dropped off a cash donation.

The boys say they’re determined to bring their business back even stronger than before.

Isaiah says, “We need to work together to make smart choices, not to leave the money out.”

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