OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok. (WTVO) — Authorities arrested a man who scaled the outside of the Devon Energy Tower in Oklahoma City on Tuesday morning.

Devon Energy Tower, located at 333 W Sheridan Ave, is a 50-story building that stands 844 feet.

KFOR reported the climber likely accessed the tower from the lower mall area roof.

Officials waited on the roof with climbing ropes, awaiting his arrival at the top.

Winds on the tower were around 35-40 mph.

At 9:45a CT, the man reached the top and was apprehended by authorities, who identified him as Maison Des Champs.

Des Champs, who goes by Pro-Life Spider-Man, has also scaled buildings such as Salesforce Tower in San Francisco and the New York Times building.

The man streamed the event on Instagram, saying his climb was in protest of abortion.

Police said he faces charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct.