(ABC) — Family vacations often create special memories, but this grandfather’s gift to his loved ones turned a vacation getaway into a massive family reunion.

Sam Pratt was able to take 33 family members to Hawaii for free after racking up more than a million frequent flyer miles.

“I couldn’t think of a better gift to give than travel because not only do you get the travel but you get the memories that go with that,” Pratt said.

While in Honolulu the family, ranging in age from two to 72, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and a gender reveal party.

Emily Peterson, the daughter of Sam Pratt, said that with the amount of people they have they keep celebrating on the trip.

“When you have 33 people you’re celebrating something all the time,” Peterson said.

Plans for the trip came after Pratt got some good news following a year long battle with cancer.

“When we heard the doctors say the words remission and that he would be able to live with this type of cancer and then he got cleared to fly. We were just jumping up and down,” Peterson said.

The family says the trip has been a dream come true for everyone.

“Never in a million years that we think this would be possible. This is a dream It truly, truly is,” Pratt said.


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