NASA to open International Space Station to tourists


(WTVO) — On Friday, NASA announced it will allow tourists to visit and live inside the International Space Station starting in 2020.

Until now, the floating space laboratory has only been accessible to astronauts from state space agencies.

But today, NASA said it is “opening the ISS for commercial business.”

Of course, it won’t be cheap, costing visitors $11,250 per day to use the life support systems and toilet, and $22,500 for daily food supplies, air, medical supplies and more.

Power will cost potential vacationers $42 per kilowatt-hour.

The price for a one-night-stay comes to around $35,000, according to NASA’s chief financial officer, Jeff DeWit.

And that’s not including the flight, which is expected to cost around $50 million per person.

“The agency can accommodate up to two short-duration private astronaut missions per year to the International Space Station,” NASA explained. “These missions will be privately funded, dedicated commercial spaceflights.”

Potential travelers will also have to pass NASA’s rigorous health checks and training procedures.

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