New weight loss app for kids, stirring controversy


(WTVO) — A popular healthy living website launches a controversial weight loss app for kids.

Weight watchers launched the Kurbo app last week.

The app targets children ages eight to 17.

A “traffic light” system is used to curtail what kids eat and how much.

Dietitians are concerned because kids are still growing, and they believe a kid’s diet shouldn’t be restricted.

Experts say teenagers are up to 18 times more likely to develop an eating disorder if they’ve dieted.

Molly Sleger is a registered dietitian gave her opinion of Kurbo.

“I kind of think it’s like when the tobacco industry was starting to target kids because they want life long consumers. And so it’s kind of reaching the kids at a younger age and hopefully… probably that they then start with weight watchers once they hit 18,” Sleger said.

Tips experts have to help children with their weight includes having them eat three meals a day, exercising regularly and limiting diet discussions around children.


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