(WTVO) — This weekend marked the 78th Anniversary of the end of World War II.

A ceremony was held Saturday morning at the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Peal Harbor. This year’s theme paid tribute to the shipyard workers who worked to build and repair the naval vessels that turned the tide of the war.

“While not on frontlines of combat, these men and women came to work every day around the clock in a place that still showed bullet hole scars in buildings and windows on the attack of Dec. 7, 24;35,” said Captain Ethan Fiedel, Pearl Harbor naval shipyard production resource officer. “Make no mistake, the folks that served here were on the front lines as well.”

Officials said that shipyard workers repaired, refloated, overhauled and salvaged more than 7,000 ships by the end of the war, working an average of 61 hours per week.