(WTVO) — A Delta Airlines flight attendant is getting a lot of praise for going above and beyond to help a nervous passenger.

Floyd Shannon-Dean sat in the aisle next to a passenger with a fear of flying, explaining everything that was happening and putting her mind at ease, according to FOX News.

Molly Simonson Lee, who took the photo on a January 14th flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to JFK in New York, said Shannon-Dean deserves a raise.

“When the woman in the photo boarded, she made it clear pretty quickly that she was anxious about flying and hadn’t flown in a long time,” Lee said.

“About midway through the flight, she had tears streaming down her cheeks,” Lee continued.

“We are touched by the kindness shown by this flight attendant, working on a Delta Connection flight, and proud that this humanity is displayed by our people every day,” the airline said in a statement to FOX. “Delta and its partners are dedicated to embodying warmth and care – the Delta Difference –  to ensure our customers enjoy a premium overall experience.”

“With everything flight crews have to deal with and how hard they work, I thought it was incredible that he was spending so much energy to go above and beyond when he didn’t have to,” Lee said. “To see someone being so kind and warm to a stranger, especially when there was no obligation to do anything, was really moving to me.”