MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (WTVO) — A police officer in Minneapolis looked familiar to a driver she pulled over last week. It took him a couple of minutes before he realized he had watched her have sex on the pornography site OnlyFans.

According to FOX 9, the officer is being investigated by her police department, to determine if she broke company policy by working as an erotic model.

The driver said he had been subscribing to her OnlyFans account for five months. He said it took him about 10 minutes to recognize who she was.

“Then we were doing a little talking and checking and I was like, ‘Man, she got an OnlyFans page. I’m on her OnlyFans page,’” he said. “You got to go to the VIP and you get to see the videos of her and her, I guess husband, I guess that’s who it is, they do full sex videos.”

“You can’t arrest me no more; I’ve seen your private parts,” the driver continued. “I wouldn’t want her to be arresting me and I just saw you and your husband last night for $29.99 have sex on OnlyFans. I just can’t respect you or the precinct that you’re working at.”

According to Minneapolis Police Department off-duty policy, “All employees are prohibited from working off duty under the following conditions:  …any establishment that provides adult entertainment in the form of nude, semi-nude or topless exhibitions.”

Mayor Jacob Frey responded to the allegations on Sunday, saying “If all we’re talking about is naked pictures behind a paywall, the mayor has no issue. However, the chief will determine if there are any policy violations.”