(WTVO) — A new poll found that 60% of Americans think children should not be able to choose their own “preferred pronouns” and should instead be called by the pronouns that align with their biological sex.

The Harvard-Harris poll found that most respondents think personal pronouns are an “excessive measure that does more to confuse kids about their sex.”

Forty percent of Americans polled said allowing children to pick their own pronouns “prevents discrimination.”

The poll results were split amongst political party lines, with 77% of Republicans against “preferred pronouns” and 61% of Democrats in favor of. Among independents, 64% were against the idea.

Fifty nine percent of parents and 58% of non-parents also said kids shouldn’t be able to choose their own pronouns.

The poll also asked if teachers “be required to use pronouns that kids say they want used under penalty of losing their job or should teachers have discretion to use pronouns as they see appropriate,” and 63% of people answered that the teacher should have their own discretion.

Only 27% of people answered that it should be “classified as illegal discrimination if you fail to use someone’s selected pronouns.”