FOREST GROVE, Ore. (WTVO) — Rare snow fall impacted people up and down the West Coast.

Thousands of homes and businesses lost power in California, Washington and Oregon. As much as 30 inches fell in some parts of the Sierras, and whiteout conditions forced the closure of several key highways in the mountains of Northern California and Nevada.

Kids played as crews worked in Oregon, and people said that snow, and its problems, are expected.

“Oh yeah, yeah ..,I figure this is just the first of many… yeah, I mean this is a pretty heavy snow, and it’s not gonna stop very soon,” said Karen Martinez, resident of Forest Grove, Ore.

“I think yeah, we were, we were expecting it,” added Jon Dyer of Forest Grove’s Public Works Department. “I’ve been plowing since four this morning. It was bound to happen eventually with all the weight of the snow. I don’t think we were expecting quite this much.”

Forecasters said that travel in the Sierra Nevadas could remain difficult for several days as winter storm warnings continue.