CINCINNATI, Ohio (WTVO) — A restaurant owner in Ohio has added a 20% automatic gratuity fee in an effort to fight rising costs.

The owner of Dutch’s in Hyde Park, Brad Bernstein explained the addition, saying, “If it became industrywide, it wouldn’t be a service fee anymore. It would be on the bill fare like in Europe, but we aren’t standardized yet, so what I am trying to do is not have my menu prices be jacked up and be like, you’re so expensive,”

Customers at Dutch’s see the following message at the bottom of their bill: “We offer living wages to our employees partially funded by a 20 percent automatic gratuity.”

“Restaurants are behind the eight ball and we are taking a lot of the costs on and are trying to figure out kind of again reactively. How do I manage this? How do I change how I set this up,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein told WKRC that the gratuity charge is split evenly among his staff.