SILSBEE, Texas (WTVO) — A woman said she was mowing the grass when a snake fell from the sky. While the snake was gripping her arm, a hawk swooped down and attacked her.

It was scary, and very traumatic. I think I just went into survival mode,” said Peggy Jones, of the incident in late July.

According to KREM, the hawk had dropped the snake in midair, causing it to fall on Jones, then tightly coiled around her arm, leaving her bruised.

“As this is going on there is a hawk coming down, trying to get him, the snake is striking me in my eye, striking my face,” she said. 

“About the fourth time, the hawk got the snake and carried it away. I looked down and I was covered in blood,” she continued.

Jones’ husband was able to take her to the emergency room, where doctors said she suffered from punctures and severe bruising.

“I want to thank everyone for all the prayers it’s been an overwhelming experience. I am just thankful I am alive,” she said.