‘Startled’ car prowler caught on dash camera


BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN/CNN) — Police know exactly what one car prowler suspect looks like, thanks to a dashcam that caught him in the act.

The woman whose dashcam recorded the crime lives at the Sorrento Bluff Apartments in Beaverton. She told KOIN one of her neighbors noticed one of her car’s doors was hanging wide open on Friday morning.

Prowlers appeared to have spent the previous night combing the parking lot, looking for unlocked cars. The woman’s motion-activated dashcam caught one prowler completely by surprise.

“It starts recording without any light but, after 10 seconds, the light comes on and he was startled — him and his friends,” said the car’s owner, who wanted to remain anonymous.

And the dashcam may have done more than record the suspect: it also may have prevented a potential theft. The woman said nothing was stolen from her car.

She added her Owlcam dashcam is “worth every penny.”


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