STUDY: extended use of Tylenol during end of pregnancy may have side effects


(WTVO) — A new study shows extended use of Tylenol during the end of pregnancy can increase the chance of children having autism or ADHD.

The report was published by JAMA Psychiatry.

It says extended use of Tylenol is classified as 28 days or more.

Authors of the study say the painkiller in Tylenol, acetaminophen, is linked to a higher chance of children being diagnosed with autism or ADHD, however, local experts say there are multiple factors that can lead to ADHD.

“This study, they tried to select out the genetic components and some of the other variables and really honed down on the amount of Tylenol that was used during the pregnancies,” said SwedishAmerican Health System OBGYN, Timothy Durkee, MD. “This study was a look back. Who used Tylenol?”

Doctors say a rule of thumb to follow is to only take medications when necessary.


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