Vet: Dog likely chewed off leg to escape chain; owner arrested



EXETER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An Otsego County man is facing charges after his dog was found with a missing limb.

Carl Pritchard, 59, was charged with Overdriving, Torturing and Injuring Animals; Failure to Provide Proper Sustenance; and Failure to Provide Appropriate Shelter for Dogs Left Outdoors.

On November 14, New York State Police were contacted by a UPS driver making a delivery in the Town of Exeter, who said he saw a dog who appeared to be missing its left leg and described it as “blown off.”

The dog, named Zoe, was taken to a veterinary clinic.

The vet tech said Zoe had been chained to a stake in the yard, was living in a plastic pet carrier with a small amount of hay on the bottom, had no food, and another bowl was frozen and snow covered.

Veterinarians told police they believe the dog likely chewed off her own leg after bone fragments were found in her stomach. She also had previous untreated injuries and scarred ear tips.

Zoe has since been taken to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for further care. 

Pritchard surrendered the dog because he could not pay the vet bills, police said. He is due to appear in the Town of Exeter Court on December 4.


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