VIDEO: Couple brutally beaten by teens outside home


STOCKTON, Calif. (FOX News) — While taking out their trash, a husband and wife were brutally attacked outside their California home by a group of teenagers.

Now police are releasing surveillance video of the assault, hoping someone can help them identify some of the suspects.

Surviellance video from Sunday night shows the attack on Henry Long Boulevard in Stockton’s Weston Ranch neighborhood.

Neighbor Patrick Varvell said, “As you look at that video you can see a group of males and females attack our victims.”

The husband and wife being viciously attacked in this video say all they did while taking out their trash in their driveway was to ask that group of teens to move along.

Soon after, the teens aggressively refused with shouts.

“I look on my phone and I check my cameras and I see my two neighbors on the right side of me just running across my driveway,” Varvell said.

Next door, Varvell says he helped his two neighbors shortly after the melee.

At first, he thought the woman was covered in a strawberry daiquiri.

“She just comes running over to me asking for help, so I of course let her into the house here turn the lights on and found it was not a drink. She was covered in blood,” he said.

The wife suffered two black eyes. She claims the violence started when a man sucker punched her.

A mother of 4 kids, she and her husband are now both in a lot of pain.

She says they won’t be bullied out of their own neighborhood.

“If you can identify them please just do the right thing and give us a call,” said Stockton Police spokesman Joe Silva. “Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward up to 10 thousand dollars for any information that leads to an arrest in this very brutal attack.”

Varvell added, “It’s basic bullying that’s what it is. And it seems like they just wanna run the neighborhood is what it feels like. And we live here, we pay for our house, this is our property here, and that kind of stuff shouldn’t be tolerated.”


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