Ohio police published dashcam footage that they said showed teenagers in a stolen vehicle ramming police cruisers while attempting to flee officers who had them cornered at a Whitehall gas station on August 15.

Police said the vehicle had been reported stolen in Grove City and had recently fled Grove City police officers when they attempted to stop it.

“Knowing the suspects were a flight risk and concerned for the safety of citizens,” the police said, officers waited until the vehicle was parked at a gas station in Whitehall before three police cruisers blocked it in.

Footage shows the car ramming a police cruiser and another vehicle in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to flee officers. Four juveniles were taken into custody, police said: a 16-year-old driver and three passengers, ages 15, 13, and 12.

According to the police statement, “this same group of juveniles” was suspected of stealing another car earlier on the same day.

Credit: Whitehall Police Department via Storyful