KENTWOOD, Mich. (WTVO) — Two Michigan school bus drivers are being credited for taking quick action to rescue a 2-year-old baby from a carjacker last week.

On Tuesday, October 4th, the baby’s parents got out of a running car to drop another child at a bus stop when a carjacker jumped into the car and took off — with the 2-year-old inside.

The parents were able to flag down Kellogsville Public School bus driver, Dave Skinner.

“They screamed at me that somebody had stolen their car with their baby in it,” Skinner told WZZM.

Skinner called 911 and sent out word about the incident to fellow drivers.

Another school bus driver, Sue Figueroa, found the baby sitting alone in a roadway and was able to rescue the child, who had been left there by the carjacker.

The toddler was reunited with his parents.

Police are still searching for the carjacker.