An alligator took aim at a group of children swimming in a lake at a Texas state park on September 9, to the horror of parents and onlookers.

David Siljeg recorded this video while visiting Huntsville State Park, and told Storyful he thought the alligator was much smaller at first, and assumed it would leave once it saw people swimming and splashing.

“Well, that wasn’t the case, as the alligator switched to attack mode and was aiming quickly toward the little kids,” he said, estimating the alligator to be more than 12 feet long.

A man can be seen frantically running into the water to help the screaming children. As the kids are rushed to safety, a woman with a floaty is seen wading into the water toward the gator, which then changes direction, but does not stray far.

“Nobody was hurt, thank God, and the sheriff arrived soon after to close the beach and verify that everyone was okay,” Siljeg said.

There are signs around the water warning of alligators, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department advises visitors to be aware that they are guests visiting a wild habitat, and cautions that while alligators rarely chase people, “they can outrun or outswim the fastest person for the first 30 feet.”