BRIGHTON, Colo (WTVO) — A man pretending to be a police officer pulled a driver over in Colorado on Saturday, but the driver turned out to be a real off-duty deputy.

According to CBS News, an off-duty Adams County Sheriff’s Deputy was driving on Interstate 76 when he saw a 2019 Dodge Durango activate flashing red and blue lights on his windshield.

“It seemed a little strange to this off-duty deputy,” said Kylynn Delohery with Brighton Police Department. “Moments later, the Durango started to brake-check the off-duty deputy and forced him to the shoulder of the interstate.”

Police said Jose Flores Ortiz, 37, approached the car wearing a security shirt and holding a silver badge.

The off-duty deputy actually used the word(s) ‘charged his vehicle’,” Delohery said.

The deputy then pulled his firearm and detained Ortiz until officers arrived at the scene.

Ortiz was charged with Impersonating a Police Officer, Driving Under the Influence, and Use of a Prohibited Weapon.